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Highly Automated Blog Posting Software!


Professional blog posting software to post or schedule posts on your WordPress blogs instantly. You can drip feed posts, randomize, and schedule posts all automatically.

Look at what WP Blog Poster can do!

  • The BEST WordPress Posting Software to automate and schedule WP posting!
  • Schedule 1000’s of SEO friendly articles to drip feed your blogs and maintain post velocity.
  • Instantly build high quality, high PageRank, ‘Google Friendly’ blogs automatically!
  • Schedule articles to be posted in randomized orders – prevents footprints!
  • Load article directories in bulk to Automate WordPress blogs.
  • Automatically grabs correct post titles and tags from the article to post.
  • Scheduled posts can be ‘post dated’ or ‘future dated’ for easy automation!
  • Choose random posting intervals – Days, Hours, Minutes, or Seconds.
  • Maintain posting times to post during certain times of the day!
  • Set the maximum number of posts to be posted per day on each blog.
  • Accepts articles in Spinnable Text and will post a random spun version of that article!
  • Fully compatible with both Windows and Mac!


What is this software capable of?

Glad you asked!

With this Powerful Autoblogging Software you can…

    • Build high traffic, high PageRank, valuable WordPress blogs automatically.
    • Build your own private network of high PageRank blogs on autopilot.
    • Pump out content heavy backlinks at lightning speeds.
    • Drip feed you money sites with high quality content to maintain posting velocity!
    • Create valuable blog networks with the click of a button.
    • Automate ALL WordPress posting months, EVEN YEARS in advance!
    • Get all your backlinks crawled instantly through indexing blogs.
    • And much more!

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Article Modify


That’s right, you’ll get 2 software programs for 1 ridiculous LOW price!


blog posting software
  • FREE Bonus Program
  • Article Modify will Modify Single Articles or Whole Folders all at Once!
  • Remove HTML from the Text of all your Articles
  • Add Anchor Text Hyperlinks to your Articles Instantly
  • Find and Replace Words in Whole Folders of Articles
  • Replace New Line Characters (Line Breaks)
  • Append Text to the End of a File
  • Limited FREE Copies are Available

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wp blog poster - blog posting software
  • FREE Lifetime Software Updates And Support
  • One Time LOW Fee – No monthly Costs
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    Delivered As A Software Download
  • Can Be Installed On 2 Computers
  • Order Is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free And Fully Guaranteed
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Instant download — Windows and Mac OS X Compatible

wp blog poster - blog posting softwareYour blog poster is just amazing.

I can’t believe how easily I can post and schedule blog posts on my sites now. So much of the work is done automatically. Thank you, WP Blog Poster is making a massive difference to the quality of my websites and their ranking.
– Allan Lembke

wp blog poster - blog posting softwareFinally, a professional WordPress posting program!

I just purchased WP Blog Poster and it has helped me decrease the time it takes to build and maintain my site. It has worked well and made the job of submitting articles an easy task that no longer needs to be outsourced. The results are fantastic and I look forward to making regular use of this program with my marketing.

– Thank you, Todd Mayers
wp blog poster - blog posting softwareFor me this tool was such a STEAL! 🙂

I can’t get over how easy this is to use, and how I can automatically add valuable content to my site now. Once I started using this WP poster I was so impressed the moment I saw the potential I have with this kind of automation. It seems to know exactly what tags I would choose for the blog posts every time! I give it an article to post and the outcome is amazing. The most important thing is that this tool saves my time. It helped me create several money making sites that rank well from the consistent posting of quality content in minutes.

– Superb! Brandon Hunley
wp blog poster - blog posting softwareYou’ve created a real automation machine.

Absolutely love WP Blog Poster because it’s so easy to use and it helps me make money! You guys have done a great job with this product. I’ve been using WP Blog Poster for all my sites, and even started a couple new ones using this tool. It takes me only about 15 minutes to produce a new site with scheduled posts using my articles and this WordPress poster. This is now a key tool now to my online business – anyone marketing online should be using this!

– Thanks so much, Sandra Crowley

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