Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get my license activated?
A: We will activate your license immediately. You will receive an email with the license immediately after a successful payment.
Q: How long is the license good for, and how long do I get free updates?
A: Your Wp Blog Poster License license is good for Life! And you will always get FREE lifetime updates!
Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: Yes we offer a full featured free trial. You can download the trial here: Download WP Blog Poster.
Q: Is WP Blog Poster compatible with my Operating System?
A: Yes, WP Blog Poster is cross compatible with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X.
Q: Is there an user guide or manual?
A: Yes, there’s a user guide avaliable here: WP Blog Poster User Guide
Q: How many computers can I run WP Blog Poster on?
A: Each WP Blog Poster license allows you to operate it on 2 computers. If you would like to run the program on more computers simultaneously more licenses will be needed. Please send us an email and we will help you with additional licenses.
Q: The blog poster is not posting to my site or blog, why?
A: Double check to see if you have enabled XML-RPC to allow remote publishing. It’s found through: ‘settings’ > ‘writing’ > the check ‘enable the WordPress XML-RPC publishing protocols’.
NOTE: Since WordPress 3.5 XML-RPC is activated by default.
Q: Why is the posted article one large block of text and not have paragraphs?
A: Check to be sure your article files have correct formatting and the spacing you want on your final post. You can use the bonus program – Article Modify to replace new line characters (line breaks), and edit articles individually or whole folders at once.
Q: What blogs or sites can I post to using this blog posting software?
A: WP Blog Poster posts to WordPress only.
Q: There are no categories showing under the post options, why?
A: WP Blog poster automatically pulls categories that have already been created on your blog. In order to choose specific categories using the poster, please create the categories on your site and then post using WP Blog Poster.
Q: I can’t install / stuck in a loop / errors upgrading?
A: Completely uninstall any versions of WP Blog Poster that you currently have on your computer, restart your computer, then download the latest version of WP Blog Poster here. Contact us if this problem continues. If you have the program open on another other computer and are trying to install the latest version, you will still have trouble. Uninstall from both machines. If you keep getting a message that you need to download the latest version (in a loop) it is because you need to clear your browser cache/temporary internet files. Your browser isn’t downloading the latest version because you have the other version cached.
Q: How do I convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time?
A: Here’s a handy converter to help you convert the time:

Convert 24 Hour Time To 12 Hour Time

24 Hour Time        12 Hour Time


Input time as HH:MM

Q: How do I download WP Blog Poster?
A: Check your email (and spam folder) for your software license and download the program from our download page at http://wpblogposter.com/download/.